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Gabriel and the Apocalypse Launch New Video “Behind the Sun”

To wrap up the 18-month long tour and promotional campaign for The Ghost Parade album, Gabriel and the Apocalypse release a music video for “Behind the Sun.” The video closes the chapter on this highly acclaimed and commercially successful album, as the band plans on entering the studio to record a brand new studio album for 2019 in the near future. To also celebrate the end of the album cycle, the band will hit the road with Mushroomhead in late April.

The audience is used to seeing Gabriel and the Apocalypse operate on level 10. Their high-energy stage show electrifies audiences, as do their edgy, thought-provoking music videos, like “Beauty Under Glass” and “Thrill of the Kill.” The new video “Behind the Sun” is a complete 180 from what we are used to seeing from the band. The video showcases the other side of the group and proves they aren’t a one-trick pony by any means. Using a cold and snow covered setting, the band takes on a somber side and direction to give the audience an amazing journey.

“Behind the Sun” represents the closing of a chapter to The Ghost Parade, not only for the record but on a personal level. “I opened myself up so much for that record,” says vocalist Lindy Gabriel. “I was in such a raw emotional state and, through it all, I believe I became a stronger person with a thicker skin. My mind is a clean slate now and I am ready and excited to dive into the new record.”


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