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GATA at Rock Fest 2024

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GATA premiers “Blunt Force Drama”

Attention Rock and Metal mavens; Gabriel and the Apocalypse are launching their long-awaited new single, “Blunt Force Drama,” and its accompanying music video today,August 26, 2022. Songstress Lindy Gabriel’s lyrics and guitarist Jake Lacore’s music were written during the height of the pandemic lockdown. Both felt challenged by our country’s struggles and global struggles.They found and created a sound showcasing a heavier, more musically aggressive side of Gabriel and the Apocalypse.
“The music video visuals represent human conditioning and overcoming obstacles.” says vocalist Lindy Gabriel. “Though there is a small storyline, I felt the imagery was most important and what the song called for.” Using bold and fast imagery lets the viewer be led through a visual depiction of a perceived human condition. The storyline vignettes describe how easily fear spreads and how feeling both frightened and powerless challenged
every one of us during these last two years. “We watched while the nation’s collective sense of health and safety was being ripped away. We celebrate seeing the resilience of our communities and our county’s perseverance in the face of hardship.” – Jake LaCore, guitarist.

The single was produced by John Wheeler and mixed and mastered by UlrichWild [Deftones, Breaking Benjamin)].
“Blunt Force Drama features founding member(s): Lindy Gabriel on vocals and Jake LaCore on guitar. Additionally featured are musicians Joey Vice [formerly of Motograter] on keys, Jesse Stamper [formerly of
Motograter] on guitar, and Spencer Knefelkamp on drums.

Production credits:
All lyrics written by Lindy Gabriel. Music written by Jake LaCore, and
Rev. John Wheeler. Produced by Gabriel and the Apocalypse &
Rev. John Wheeler. Drums and vocals produced by Wally J.
Mixed and mastered by UlrichWild [Deftones, Breaking Benjamin].
Vocals by Lindy Gabriel. Bass, Guitar, and Keyboards by Jake LaCore.
Drums by Spencer Knefelkamp. Additional keyboards and samples
by Rev. John Wheeler.

GATA fans can catch them debuting “Blunt Force Drama” at Wooly’s in Des Moines, IA, on September 09, 2022,
or Skyway Theater in Minneapolis on September 10, 2022.

To stay up to date on GATA news, go to:

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“The spirits want to be free to join the next incarnation of our world…..”

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Alpha Transcendence – Remix Edition Pre-orders now available

The remix EP by Gabriel and the Apocalypse “Alpha Transcendence” is now available for physical pre-order  here: https://gabrielandtheapocalypse.bigcartel.com/

The EP contains 5 tracks of remixes by:  Rick Stitch Thomas of Mushroomhead/Ventana, Sin Quirin of Ministry/Three Headed Snake, John Wheeler, T I M E L I N E S, and an acoustic remix by GATA.

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Systematic Chaos Remix now available

Systematic Chaos (Burn It Down Remix) by Rick “Stitch” Thomas of Mushroomhead/Ventana is now available for stream and download here:  https://ingroov.es/systematic-chaos

watch the music video now:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWhuCug9s90&list=RDMMNWhuCug9s90&start_radio=1

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GATA launches new music video “Electro-Mechanical”

Gabriel and the Apocalypse release music video for “Electro-Mechanical”.   Directed, shot, and edited by Cody Hoffman of CEVAN Media the video is the 4th in support of the band’s latest full length album “A L P H A  B I O N I C”.


Watch the video now:  https://www.ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-video-premiere-gabriel-and-the-apocalypse-electro-mechanical/?fbclid=IwAR3nx_CjH8iGcTh7IepaXwW1-14uBtJftR66casXyStoXHrGZgWbhR0i9_w

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GATA is set to hit the road on the STREET NOISE 2020 TOUR with Flaw starting in February.  Full list of tour dates and ticket links here: https://www.bandsintown.com/a/1065913

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Gabriel and the Apocalypse returns for a home show on Friday the 13th at the Doghouse in Maplewood, MN with support from Cold Kingdom, Nuisance, and Sweet Addiction

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